Hacker News Daily and Monthly

Posted by Patrice Neff Mon, 07 Nov 2011

To stay updated on all things geek I have been relying a lot on Hacker News lately. But not by using the main web site which would steal too much time from the work I should be doing. Instead I use two great services, one for daily and one for monthly updates.

Hacker News daily is a blog where each day the top 10 Hacker News stories are posted. The stories are deduplicated, so only new information is shown. Using Google’s Feedburner I converted this into a newsletter. Feel free to subscribe to the resulting Hacker News Daily Newsletter.

Then there is Hacker Monthly. It’s a magazine for which you need to pay a subscription fee. You get a beautiful e-magazine once a month with curated stories that were on Hacker News in the previous month. This is especially handy for the Kindle to which the newest edition gets delivered automatically.

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