1st Swiss Blog Awards 2006

Posted by Patrice Neff Fri, 05 May 2006

So I did make it after all to the blog awards. When I saw what time I'll get back and how much a ticket costs (I'll only have my GA starting Monday) I thought twice about it. But in the end, I made it here.

Currently Roger Fischer, Christian Stocker and Hannes Gassert are talking about earning money with blogs. For Bitflux it's not a priority to earn money with freeflux.net but it's more thought of as a promotional tool. For Mediagonal it's something that they do for customers if necessary or possible. Kaywa is the only of the companies here, that really wants to earn money from weblogs. That's also why they focus on media companies somewhat.

If you want to meet me here, I'm that guy.

Tech job market in Switzerland

Posted by Patrice Neff Thu, 09 Mar 2006

It appears that the Swiss job market in the tech sector is not as bad as I thought for some time. If you are a well-qualified individual you should have no problem finding a job - at least in the Web sector.

Why do I say this? Well, recently Bitflux had a job opening (now filled), local.ch has also been looking, as is now search.ch. namics has a few job openings as I'm sure have other agencies.

All of them have one thing in common which was not always true for our sector: they look for highly skilled workers (though namics also has internships in Baar/Zug and in St. Gallen). A few years ago, companies in our sector were adding people to their workforce like wild and thus had to sacrifice on quality. Now it's the opposite.

I for one believe that is a very welcome change and so do many of my friends. But I also know a few people who profited from the "more liberal" practices during the dot-com boom.

Anyway, I'll add a few articles in the following weeks on how to improve your chances for getting an employment in this area. It won't be rocket science but I hope I have a few tips to share. Those articles will be available in English and in German.

And I suggest you tag job openings on your weblogs with the "jobs" tag. That will allow job seekers to watch the tag (or subscribe to it).

Update 1: Forgot, that KAYWA also is looking for talent.
Update 2: And Google also is looking. (Via relab.ch).