Blog list now allows entries without feed URL

Posted by Patrice Neff Sat, 25 Mar 2006

Jan Zuppinger contacted me today about a problem they had with the Swiss weblog directory. For a weblog to be nominated for the Swiss Blog Awards it has to be listed in the blog directory. So we currently get many new additions to the list. Great!

But one problem surfaced. There are weblogs that don't have an XML feed (RSS or Atom). But the feed URL was obligatory in the list and I even actively deleted submissions without feed URLs. After all, the list is mainly for the aggregators. Or is it?

I currently know of the following services consuming the provided OPML feed:

I just now realize that there are already quite some applications using that OPML feed. Cool! But anyway, of the seven sites listed, only about two really care about the feed URL (planet and I assume for the others the page URL is sufficient.

In short, after the inquiry by Jan I quickly rethought my previous stance on the topic. Feed URLs are no longer obligatory for listing your blog in the blog directory. Though personally I still believe a blog isn't a blog without a feed, the minority of blog tools who thinks otherwise is sufficiently large for me to feel tolerant and include them.

The OPML feed by default only exports blogs with a feed URL to maintain backward compatibility. To include all blogs without feed URLs as well, just append "?nofeed=1" to the URL. For example There is an extended OPML help on the blog directory site.

How this explanations weren't too geeky and complicated.

What are your comments about this change? and the Swiss feed directory

Posted by Patrice Neff Sat, 18 Mar 2006

After my State of the Swiss blogosphere article, Antonio contacted me about his blog platform which is popular in the French part of Switzerland. Basically none of the blog was represented in the feed directory.

I suggested he provide an OPML feed that I can import and so he did. So starting today, weblogs are automatically added if they have at least ten articles, are older than three days and have published an article within the last month. I don't check those conditions myself, but Antonio only corresponding publishes weblogs in the OPML feed.

If you are a blog provider in Switzerland or have an easy way to extract only Swiss weblogs, feel free to publish your active weblogs as an OPML feed. It's probably best to follow the format I use for the feed directory OPML. Once you have done that, send me a mail with the feed's URL.