Mass media and media for the masses

Posted by Patrice Neff Fri, 05 May 2006

The second and last panel discussion is currently taking place. Bruno Giussani, Jean-Christophe Liechti, Julika Hartmann and Martin Haslebacher talk about blogs as a media and media with blogs.

Martin Haslebacher considers blogs as an important part in today's life. He talked about how they can also serve as sources but they will want a second source to confirm the weblog. I assume that's the standard approach with any source in journalism. Also they want to use (existing) blogs in their area to enrich the escpace platform as an additional value for their readers.

Bruno Giussani asked if the person was a blogger who filmed the waves of the Tsunami in Asia arriving at the coast and sent that movie to the media. Julika Hartmann countered that she might define him as a blogger if he'd do that regularly.

Nick L├╝thi, the moderator of the discussion, asked Martin Haslebacher what their business model was about adding blogging to their services. They currently don't have a business model but their existing business model is under pressure by new media. An example he used was craigslist.

Martin Haslebacher said, that they'd have to develop some model to pay bloggers for their contributions. They don't seem to have anything finished yet, but they are aware of the issue.

I tried very hard to understand the French contributions by Bruno Giussani and Jean-Christophe Liechti. To same extent I succeeded but it was hard and I definitely have to learn French again. I lost it by learning Spanish in Peru.

Lots of photographers. And the room is really too dark.