Japanese prime minister denies summit with China

Posted by Patrice Neff Sat, 01 Apr 2006

China's president Hu Jintao offered a summit with Japan under one condition. The condition was, that Japan's prime minister Junichiro Koizumi quits visiting the Yasukuni shrine (I posted about the shrine before here and here).

Koizumi even defended his visits a few days ago claiming "still cannot understand why China and South Korea protest his visits to Yasukuni". You really have to be blind, stupid and/or a liar to say such a thing. But let's face it: Koizumi is not really concerned about other countries in Asia. Has even made his visits to the shrine a part of the election propaganda, using it to show that he won't buckle down before other states.

I really hope that Koizumi's replacement will show more understanding. Though I don't have much hope.

And rest assured, I love Japan and I love the Japanese people. And I strongly dislike the Chinese government. But wrong is wrong and right is right. And honoring war criminals is wrong by just about any concept of ethics you can find in this world.