Semantic Data

Posted by Patrice Neff Wed, 26 Aug 2009

The Semantic Web is one of those technologies I’ve heard so often that I got tired of it. But lately I’ve become more interested in one aspect of the whole Semantic Web: graph data.

Graph databases are basically one of the many different ways to store data – something which is currently being hyped under the awful name “NoSQL”. So much so that Neo4J, one of the well-known graph databases, even uses that term in their title now.

I’ve recently seen two talks about this. First there was the great talk Why Semantics? by Toby Segaran author of the book Programming Collective Intelligence. Then at “yesterday’s meeting”: Cathrin Weiss presented her Hexastore work which she implemented in Python.

If time permits I’d really like to play with Neo4J or openRDF Sesame. There is at least one project on my back burner where a graph database would probably make a lot of sense.

Toby has also just published the book Programming the Semantic Web though I haven’t read it yet.

Is your RDBMS letting you down?

Posted by Patrice Neff Tue, 19 Jun 2007

Saw an interesting presentation on Google Video about data mining in the TV world at Rentrak.

They talk about how they mine lots of data and get real-time reports from them. Basically it comes down to using a patched/extended PostgreSQL plus a simplified query language that they convert to SQL.

In that context it might be interesting to check out Bizgres, though it was not mentioned in the presentation. The Bizgres web site says:
bq. The Bizgres Project aims to make PostgreSQL the world’s most robust open source database for Business Intelligence.