Setting sail again

Posted by Patrice Neff Fri, 12 Dec 2008

Today is my last day at

I have been involved with that company since the beginning of 2005 with the initial prototypes. After my time in Peru I then started as a full-time employee in May 2006. That was a few days after the very first version of had gone live. So I spent close to four years involved with the project and of that two years and seven months as an employee.

Now it’s time to sail to fresh territory again. Beginning first of January I’ll be working on Nektoon – a startup I’m co-founding with some friends. I’m not disclosing too much about it’s purpose yet. Just this: your information will become very fluid soon… I’ll stay in Z├╝rich – we’re renting some spare rooms from Liip.

I want to thank all the people at for the past years. It’s been an exciting trip to build that site from zero. I got to know many outstanding people and have formed some great friendships while working there. Also I advanced a lot professionally as I was able to work with and learn from true masters in various fields. I’ll always be thankful for that privilege. is looking for you

Posted by Patrice Neff Mon, 04 Sep 2006

As you may already have seen on our blog, we at are looking for new co-workers. If you want to be part of a team of geeks working on one of the most exciting Web projects in Switzerland, join us.

We’re looking for exceptionally talented geeks. The currently open positions require Java programming, so you should already feel comfortable with that. You top it off if you already know Spring and Lucene – but that’s not required as we’re looking for people who learn quickly.

Behind the scenes of there is a lot of data crunching to be done. While creating a phonebook may not sound like much of a challenge at a first glance, there are some exciting problems that have to be solved. And the currently available slots phonebook and guide are just the start. Also we don’t only offer you exciting work but also a job with a future. There is a solid business model behind and we are here to stay.

See the official job descriptions at our blog. You can write me at patrice [at] if you have questions or to send in your CV.

Started at

Posted by Patrice Neff Thu, 11 May 2006

On Monday I officially started my new job at, the search engine for every village in Switzerland.

We currently offer access to the phone book but will add other services in the future. I'll keep you posted of course! There is also the Team Blog where I'll contribute to.

I'll mainly be working in system administration (we run a small server farm mainly on Linux) and programming (starting with PHP frontend work). I'll also be responsible for the community part of We have a few ideas about contributing back to the Swiss blogosphere and that will be my job.

Thanks to the team for the great reception. I'm very excited to work on this project, especially knowing it since its first days.