How created pictures of Switzerland

Posted by Patrice Neff Sat, 01 Apr 2006 is currently the best map application for Switzerland. By far. And then some more.

Urban(*) just published how they photographed Switzerland from the sky by using a zeppelin. Looks like a lot of manual labor was involved. I'll summarize the post for you, because it's in German:

  • They used analog photo cameras, namely use-once cameras by Kodak. Oh the ecologic waste.
  • The use a zeppelin. Satellites don't provide the quality and airplanes have a problem with vibrations and can't fly low enough.
  • The 141'000 pieces were put together manually. They cut the photos, put them on A4 sheets and scanned the pictures.

Thanks for sharing those information,

(*) I guess it's Urban, though the blog software only says "Mueller".

Update: Did I already tell you that I hate April Fool's Day? This article was originally published on March 31 (yes the blog software also said so) so I didn't suspect anything. Call me a fool if you feel the urge.