blogug Updates

Posted by Patrice Neff Tue, 28 Feb 2006

moved the to the domain and updated it. It's currently not updated automatically, so new weblogs won't have their picture taken, yet. I took the opportunity and included the thumbnails on the . See for example the detail page for the Weblog (and the other ca. 1100 detail pages). Thank you Alain!

Stefan provided a nice favicon for the project. I integrated those into "my" two sites ( and ). Thank you Stefan!

On the stats page I did a few detail fixes in the translation. And more important, the blog provider is now recognized correctly. They even made it into the Top 5, which currently is:
  1. : 309
  2. : 166
  3. : 136
  4. : 31
  5. 30

I am saving those software statistics historically, so in a few weeks I'll start providing the "historical development" stats to see how the market shares of the different tools and hosters develop over time.