Switched to PyBlosxom, no comments anymore

Posted by Patrice Neff Sun, 15 Feb 2009

I’ve just switched this blog from typo to PyBlosxom.

There is one change I’m adding at the same time: I don’t accept comments anymore. My mail address is in the sidebar column on the right, feel free to mail me. And you can of course voice your opinions on your own blog and link back to me – I’ll probably link back to you from the original post if I find yours. Basically I got tired of fighting spam in my blog, but I already do a good job of filtering it in my mail inbox.

There’s a technical reason for the blog software change. I got fed up with babysitting the mongrel instances and so I decided a while ago to switch to a completely static solution for my blog. And PyBlosxom’s static rendering fits the bill perfectly.