Posted by Patrice Neff Thu, 07 Sep 2006

This morning in the train I finally came around to fix a few issues with that had prevented a release for a while. The big change: search is now fast!

the search uses a Ferret index with the acts_as_ferret module. Ferret is basically the Ruby version of Lucene.

And the URLs are normalized when a new entry is added. This should leave us with far fewer duplicates than we now have. I find most of the duplicates when checking the new submissions but it still was an annoyance. guide

Posted by Patrice Neff Mon, 12 Jun 2006

Last Friday we had a reason to celebrate at (my employer). We released the Guide aka Leisure. That's the place to go for events and locations like restaurants, bars, cinemas, etc. See the extended release notes on the team blog.

The data is not as broad yet as we'd like it to be. You'll currently only find real information in the bigger cities of Switzerland. Of course we want to improve that in the upcoming months.

Many other new features are upcoming this year. Stay tuned. Even better, subscribe to the Team Blog for the latest information.

Skolelinux 2

Posted by Patrice Neff Tue, 14 Mar 2006

Well, look at what we've got here. Because of this this subversion checkin I saw that Skolelinux 2 is now live. And indeed, on the English download page you are now presented with the option of downloading Skolelinux 2.0r0. Great!

This version brings a ton of improvements. First and foremost, this is based on the Sarge release of Debian and therefore includes a lot more recent software and an improved installer. Second it includes very good Spanish translation. And it generally just works very nicely.

This new release is a major step and am I very glad for the Skolelinux/Debian-Edu project that they (or rather we, as I also helped my little bit) got it out.