Browser shortcuts with multiple keywords

Posted by Patrice Neff Mon, 23 Apr 2007

I have written about quick search in Firefox before. The same thing is possible in Safari with Saft – a must-have plugin if you actually want to use Safari.

There is an additional feature there which Firefox doesn’t have: you can enter multiple search terms with a quick search. A good example where you want that is SBB.

Right-click in any of the form fields there and select the option “Add as Saft shortcut…”. Then give it a good name and shortcut. The URL is already prefilled. For the SBB example it’s {REQ0JourneyStopsS0G=%@, REQ0JourneyStopsS0A=7, REQ0JourneyStopsZ0G=%@, REQ0JourneyStopsZ0A=7, REQ0JourneyStops1.0G=%@, REQ0JourneyDate=%@, REQ0JourneyTime=%@}

There are five different form options here. Cut out the ones you don’t need. In my case I ended up with the from and to: {REQ0JourneyStopsS0G=%@, REQ0JourneyStopsZ0G=%@}

Now to start a search just enter “sbb st. gallen, winterthur” in the URL and it will give you the current connections from “st. gallen” to “winterthur”. Use the coma to separate the different search terms.