Handing over blogug.ch lists and stats

Tue, 22 Nov 2011

TL;DR: I’m shutting down list.blogug.ch and stats.blogug.ch, unless you save it by taking over.

Over the past few years I have been maintaining parts of the blogug.ch project, namely the list and the stats. I haven’t done any actual development on those since 2006 but they have been running fine.

From time to time I even confirmed the blogs to make sure they match our community guidelines. But time has been short for that and the list of unconfirmed blogs has been constantly growing with nobody else picking up the slack. This even though a few people have admin access and access is liberally granted. And of course the stats project shows that people just aren’t blogging anymore.

The final straw is that I now had to switch servers once again, as the old hoster proved unreliable.

So all of this combined brings me to the following decision: I will not migrate my blogug.ch projects to the new server and will no longer maintain them.

Please contact me if you want to take over. I’ll give you the full source code and access to the server.

Hacker News Daily and Monthly

Mon, 07 Nov 2011

To stay updated on all things geek I have been relying a lot on Hacker News lately. But not by using the main web site which would steal too much time from the work I should be doing. Instead I use two great services, one for daily and one for monthly updates.

Hacker News daily is a blog where each day the top 10 Hacker News stories are posted. The stories are deduplicated, so only new information is shown. Using Google’s Feedburner I converted this into a newsletter. Feel free to subscribe to the resulting Hacker News Daily Newsletter.

Then there is Hacker Monthly. It’s a magazine for which you need to pay a subscription fee. You get a beautiful e-magazine once a month with curated stories that were on Hacker News in the previous month. This is especially handy for the Kindle to which the newest edition gets delivered automatically.